Language Arts Lesson Plans

Susan Trent- NMS                       Language Arts and Enrichment Lesson Plan 11—Oct. 23-27, 2017

TESS Goals/Domain(s)

Goal 1- Impact student learning through cross-curriculum collaboration.  Domains: 1d, 3c

Goal 2- Use knowledge of students to make instructional decisions. Domains: 1b, 1e, 4e

Goal 3- Use technology to enhance instruction and student learning.  Domains:  id, 3e, 4a

Bell Work: Practice using CSRQ; Quick Write

Standards: Unit 1 Goals

  • RL.6.1, RL.6.3, RL.6.4, RL.6.5, RL.6.6, RL.6.10
  • L.6.2, L.6.4 a, c
  • SL.6.1, SL.6.2
  • W.6.3, W.6.9a


  • Student MacBooks
  • Document Camera
  • Google Classroom: provide link to Literature online Textbook
  • Apple TV     https://youtu.be/cV-rzGx21rw


  • Redirect when off task
  • Check for understanding; Break directions into chunks
  • Repeat and/or provide additional instruction/information
  • Copies of notes (if applicable); Audio of text
  • Extra time to complete assignments (oral/written); Reduce assignments
  • Encourage Participation

Academic Vocabulary: Point of View; first-person; third-person; characters; r-controlled words: farther, market, afar, beware, prepare, despair, repair, narrate, vary

Goal (s):             Bell Work:  Silent Reading/student/teacher conferencing; Quick Write


  • Complete Academic Vocabulary and Grammar in Text
  • Recognizing and writing dialogue; Using dialogue in a narrative story


  • Silent reading; student/teacher conference to review AR goal for 2nd 9 weeks
  • T/S/W- Review textbook story of “All Summer in a Day”
  • S/W-Watch YouTube video of “All Summer in a Day”
  • T/W- Model completing a Venn Diagram comparing/contrasting the beginning of story and the video
  • Students work in discussion groups to compare and contrast the story to the video; complete Venn Diagram identifying similarities and differences


  • Finish Venn Diagram; introduce Unit 2: Analyzing Character and Point of View in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Media.
  • Text Analysis Workshop p. 192-197


Enrichment Period 6; Monday-Friday Continue with: Infer the Meaning of Unfamiliar Words;


  • Writing journal
  • Venn Diagram
  • Three Column Chart
  • Author’s Craft: D23, D26, D27


  • Read for 20 minutes and complete Home Reading Log.

Cross-Curricular Activities: Prefixes/Suffixes:. –able; -fact; -script


Academic Vocabulary- -  affect, analyze, evidence, impact, provide

Vocabulary/Spelling words:


Post on board and message parents through Remind: Week of Oct. 18-24    Home Reading Log due on Wednesday Oct. 25th









Language Arts- Trent

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