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Susan Trent- NMS                       Language Arts and Enrichment Lesson Plan 20 Jan. 16-19, 2018

TESS Goals/Domain(s)

Goal 1- Impact student learning through cross-curriculum collaboration.  Domains: 1d, 3c

Goal 2- Use knowledge of students to make instructional decisions. Domains: 1b, 1e, 4e

Goal 3- Use technology to enhance instruction and student learning.  Domains:  1d, 3e, 4a

Standards: Goals

Key Ideas and Details- RL.6.3-Students will describe the events that make up a story’s plot and how it unfolds in a series of episodes.

Craft and Structure- RL.6.6- Students will analyze how an author shapes the narrator’s point of view in the text.

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas- RL.6.7- Students will compare and contrast their experience reading a story to listening or watching a version of the text.

Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity- Students will demonstrate the ability to read and understand grade-level appropriate literary fiction texts by the end of grade 6.

Conventions of Standard English- L.6.1- Students will demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usages when writing or speaking. 

Knowledge of Language- L.6.4d- Students will verify the preliminary determination of the meaning of a word or phrase by checking the inferred meaning in context or in a dictionary. L:.6.5b- Students will demonstrate the ability to use the relationship between particular words (cause/effect) to better understand each of the words. L.6.6- Students will acquire and user accurately grade appropriate general academic and domain-specific words and phrases; gather vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phrase important to comprehension or expression.

Language-Progressive Skills- LP.6.3.1i- Students will produce simple, compound, and complex sentences. LP.6.4.1f- Students will produce complete sentences, recognizing and correcting inappropriate fragments and run-ons. LP.6.4.1g- Students will correctly use frequently confused words (to/too/two; their/there; etc.)

Writing- W.6.10- Students will write routinely over extended time frames for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences.

SL.6.1- Students will effectively engage in a range of collaborative discussions with diverse partners on grade 6 topics, texts, and issues, building on other’s ideas and expressing their own clearly.

Bell Work:  Quick Write; Silent Reading

Monday:    Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday- NO SCHOOL

Tuesday:  Prefix/Suffix test- Part 1- students will match the prefix to its definition, Part 2- students will match prefix to base word and provide a definition for the new word or use the new word in a sentence that demonstrates understanding of its meaning.  Open book comprehension test covering The All-American Slurp. Martin Luther King,Jr. video. Introduce Sentence Fragments using the handout in the textbook resources.

Wednesday: - Finish Sentence Fragments handout; Introduce “Are there two sides to every story?”; discuss the author’s use of style using the graphic organizer Style- Rule of Three resource pg. 43 as a guide (pg. 458-459); Introduce “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs”.  Explain the text is called a “parody”.  Complete Word Analysis E8

Thursday: Continue with analyzing ““The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” to identify cause and effect;; on Macbooks, students will watch and listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld5Ro8Y0EUQ  “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” when finished they will divide into groups and use a paper copy of the story to identify cause and effect in the story and write them on large index cards.

Friday: Complete pages 460-466. 

Enrichment Period 6; Monday-Friday:   Practice close reading strategies; annotating; using textual evidence to support multiple choice and short answer questions at the end of a passage.



  • Read for 20 minutes and complete Home Reading Log.

Cross-Curricular Activities: Martin Luther King, Jr. Video https://youtu.be/3vDWWy4CMhE

Post on board and message parents through Remind: Week of Jan. 10-16.  Home Reading Log due on Wednesday, Jan. 17th




  • Apple TV
  • Document Camera


  • Redirect when off task
  • Check for understanding; Break directions into chunks
  • Repeat and/or provide additional instruction/information
  • Copies of notes (if applicable); Audio of text
  • Extra time to complete assignments (oral/written); Reduce assignments
  • Encourage Participation

Academic Vocabulary:


  • Student Literature Textbook; Student Macbooks; earbuds
  • Resource handouts- E8; Style-Rule of Three; Sentence Fragments
  • Handouts: prefix/suffix test, The All-American Slurp comprehension test  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld5Ro8Y0EUQ 








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