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Pre-AP Lesson Plans

Student Activities March 5-9, 2018

Bell Work: Silent Reading  

Monday: Academic Vocabulary Test; STAR Assessment; STEM Project: Groups will perform an experiment to determine if their bridge can withstand weight (using textbook)

Tuesday: Finish STAR; Finish bridge experiment; Groups will work collaboratively to complete the STEM Lab Reflection

Wednesday: Finish the STEM Lab Reflection; Students will begin the “Rate Your Teammate” evaluation form.

Thursday: Groups read and discuss a handout providing specific details on explanatory writing. The groups Team Manager will work collaboratively with the group members to write an explanatory essay (on notebook paper) about their project. The group will edit/revise before the final product is published in Google Classroom. Before submitting, the Team Manager will share the Google Doc with each member and then turn in the assignment in Google Classroom.

Friday:  Finish explanatory essay assignment; Silent Reading


Technology:                                                                            Materials/Resources

Student MacBook                                                                   Academic Vocabulary Test

Google Classroom                                                                  STEM Lab Reflection sheet

                                                                                                Rate Your Teammate evaluation form



Evaluation                                                                               Cross-Curricular

Problem Solving                                                                      Science   




Academic Vocabulary: 


Homework:  Read for 20 minutes and complete Home Reading Log.

Week of Feb. 28-Mar. 6    Home Reading Log due on Wednesday, Mar. 7

Language Arts- Trent

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