Pre-AP Lesson Plans

Susan Trent- NMS                  Pre-AP Language Arts Lesson Plan 10—Oct. 16-19, 2017

TESS Goals/Domain(s)

Goal 1- Impact student learning through cross-curriculum collaboration.  Domains: 1d, 3c

Goal 2- Use knowledge of students to make instructional decisions. Domains: 1b, 1e, 4e

Goal 3- Use technology to enhance instruction and student learning.  Domains: 1d, 3e, 4a


Standards: Goals and Project Presentation

  • RL.6.1, RL.6.3, RL.6.5, RL.6.10
  • L.6.2, L.6.4c
  • LP.6.3.1f, LP.6.3.1i, LP.6.3.3a, LP.6.4.1f-g, LP.6.4.3a-b, LP.6.5.2a
  • W.6.3


  • Student MacBooks
  • Document Camera
  • Google Classroom: provide a link to Literature online Textbook-
  • Apple TV       https://youtu.be/iz05RhA9Cyw


  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpretation
  • Elaboration

Academic Vocabulary: Plot, Setting, Conflict, apparatus, resilient, slacken, immense, savor, tumultuously

Lessons:  Monday- Thursday:

  • Introduce vocabulary in context:  apparatus, resilient, slacken, immense, savor, tumultuously
  • Meet the Author:  Ray Bradbury     All Summer in a Day
  • Students analyze the photograph on page 69; Ask for volunteers use descriptive words to describe the photograph
  • Read background information on Venus
  • Draw student’s attention to the use of dialogue without speech tags in lines 1-8; Who is speaking?  How do you know who is speaking?
  • Ask students to evaluate the author’s use of simile in lines 7-8 to describe the children “The children pressed to each other like so many roses, so many weeds, intermixed…” and share their what they think the author is saying.
  • Read the story through; Reread while paying attention to the guiding questions in the margins
  • Watch YouTube video of All Summer in a Day and complete a compare/contrast Venn Diagram of the story in the textbook and the video


  • Writing Journal
  • Plot Diagram Story Map
  • Venn Diagram


  • Read for 20 minutes and complete Home Reading Log.

Cross-Curricular Activities:  

Academic Vocabulary across curriculum

Post: ****Week of Oct. 11-17    Home Reading Log due on Wednesday Oct. 18th





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