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The week of January 30-Feb 3:

We are working on Time Zones this week.

We will have a social skills lesson most days.

Students will learn about living things in science.

In social studies, we will continue naming new states.  We will work in a book called Maps, Globes and Graphs. 

We will also work on phonics rules.  We will have lessons on reading comprehension this week.  We will study alphabetical order.  We will study vocabulary words as used in sentences.

We will also use the calculator to perform skills in math.  We will finish telling time and start adding money.

Students will have a list of spelling words to learn.  Students will learn to write paragraphs.

Students will select an activity that reflects students’ interest. They will be given two options.

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Mr. Anthony

Objectives: The students will capitalize proper nouns when writing sentences when given a group of sentences by the end of the third nineweeks.

Students will use action verbs in sentences when given a group of sentences by the end of the third nine weeks.

Students will use context clues from a text to determine the central idea by the end of the third nine weeks.

Students will name Arkansas cities and other major cities of the United States when given a map by the end of the third nine weeks.

Students will work on basic addition and subtraction problems for mastery when given a group of math problems by the end of the third nine weeks.

Teacher's goal:

My goal is to teach academic and social skills to my students to help them become independent thinkers and better individuals.









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